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Merry Christmas !

凛冬已至 ,大雪落下, 群狼伫立 ,窥视丛林, 致每一位丛林行者 和极地特快上的人们 ,Merry Christmas 圣诞快乐!

Dec 12,2016/


Every Mid-Autumn Festival, Qicheng will have a surprise party, this year only a box of paint, colleagues had a creative Mid-Autumn Festival party!

每年中秋,万家博app都会有出其不意的活动派对,今年只用一盒颜料, 同事们过了个创意满满的中秋派对!

Sep 09,2016/


On June 9, 2016, Mr. Guan Yiqun, GN Qicheng Partner, will attend the "China International Forum on the Development of Senior Residential Areas"……

2016年6月9日, GN万家博app合伙人管轶群先生将在[ 2016中国国际老年住区发展高峰论坛 ]上……

May 05,2016/


Forest coverage of 81.2% of the Forest Park area 75 thousand square public greening, 6 thousand Party health support......

森林覆盖率81.2%的森林公园片区 7.5万方公共绿化,0.6万方养生配套……

Mar 03,2016/


Is pension real estate still concept? Where does the design company start the pension design? Is it possible for a design company to have a deep involvement in the pension industry?

养老地产还在说概念吗? 设计公司从哪里入手养老设计? 设计公司有深度介入养老产业的可能?

Feb 02,2016/


-10 C is the coldest winter night in history. Everything is fast and the strong are forever. We are still moving forward.

-10℃ 这是史上最冷的冬夜 万物速朽,强者永存 我们仍奔腾前行

Jan 01,2016/